Truckwash Westland

A brand new truck wash in Westland, located on the Honderdland business park, is right next to the A20. If you want to ensure a spot, please book your wash here!

Online Reservation

We like to work with online reservations, so you are guaranteed a place and do not have to wait in line.

Perfect location

Avoid unnecessary detours and take advantage of our favorable location on the Honderdland business park, right next to the A20.

Wash without stains

We use osmosis water after every wash. This means that the truck always dries spot-free!

About Us

Truckwash Westland

TruckWash Westland is not just a truck wash. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to continuously innovate and provide the best service. Our team of professionals is ready to handle every truck with care and craftsmanship. Whether it concerns a separate tractor or a truck combination, we provide flawless cleaning with top-quality service!

Our Services


We use the best and brand new truck wash machines where quality is central. We always start with removing the dirt from the truck. We combine hand washing with machine washing for the best end result.

HACCP Cleaning

We offer HACCP cleaning for the insides of trailers. Our thorough cleaning meets strict HACCP standards and ensures a hygienic and safe environment during the transport of goods. After the wash you will receive a HACCP Certificate from us.


Spotless wash

Our machines rinse the trucks with osmosis water for spotless cleaning. It ensures a streak-free and spotless result. Since the water is free of minerals, no limescale or water stains are left on the paint of your truck.


Get in touch

Do you have any questions or would you like to use our professional truck wash services? Feel free to contact us.
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